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Stationmaster net broadcast Mom in July great changes QQ reminded was traced to the serious flaw

1 July

mom big face guest questioned the lack sincerity  

news July 14th, according billion state power network understanding, Ali mother will be revised in July, the new version of Ali mother combed the brand and platform of station site.

new version of the page member login position has changed, and the right side of the transfer to the left. Home navigation bar will also change, will clearly identify the media flow platform and marketing product platform. And the new version of the home page will also launch the most complete announcement center.

most businesses expressed support for the change, that now Ali mother’s home page content is too simple, not rich enough. But there are also Taobao passenger groups complained that such a revision does not matter, a lot of Taobao passenger revenue continues to decline.

2 SAIC interviewed 10 electricity supplier pledge to implement the "7 days no reason to return  

today, the new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") has been formally implemented for 4 months, however, the new law in the new online shopping 7 days no reason to return but not well implemented.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Consumers Association convened China Alibaba (scroll information) group, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1 of 10 enterprises to conduct interviews, interviews with the main content is the electricity supplier pledge, and urge enterprises to fulfill their electricity supplier "law" in the "no reason to return requirement.

According to the requirements of the

administration, participation of 10 enterprises interviewed to conduct self correction within 30 days, the 7 days no reason to return to be seriously implement the provisions in the business activities.

3 WeChat open public number ads behind: a closed trading platform prototype  

WeChat in the user experience considerations, every step is very cautious. This month 7, the beta officially started, the bigger picture is the flow of information in the primary advertising WeChat public number. Now, both WeChat DSP, but also take into account the SSP (flow supply side), both slowly become a prototype of the trading platform.

commercialization of the road is the choice WeChat has to face.

days before (July 7th), WeChat officially launched the WeChat wide point public beta advertising services, the main contents include:

1, WeChat certified public numbers can become advertisers, advertising on WeChat platform;

2, more than 100 thousand of WeChat public numbers can become the main flow, through the display advertising revenue.

4 QQ  

was traced to remind a serious flaw;

recently, micro-blog users broke the news, QQ alerts exposed serious security vulnerabilities, not.

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