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Please all the owners to act on the earthquake relief charity BANNER

please all the webmaster action, suspension of earthquake relief charity BANNER!

earthquake, what can we do


relief, and what can we do webmaster


we do as the webmaster, the most should do is to act, in the home of the eye-catching location of the earthquake relief charity BANNER and link to the Chinese Red Cross Association Baidu channel!



attachment: Red Cross Society of China, the special account and hotline

1, through bank donation account unit: China Red Cross Society

RMB Bank: Beijing branch of ICBC Dongsi South Branch

RMB account: 0200001009014413252

foreign currency bank: CITIC Bank Jiuxianqiao branch

foreign currency account: 7112111482600000209

2, post donation recipients:

address of the Red Cross Society of China: Beijing three, Beixinqiao, No. 8 postal code: 100007


3, online donations through the Red Cross Society of China website: click into the online donation column, in accordance with the prompts can be.

4, via SMS donations: China Mobile, China Unicom mobile phone users Chinese and China Telecom, China Netcom PHS users can edit text messages sent to 1 or 2, 1069999301, that "the Red Cross relief action" donation of 1 yuan or 2 yuan. Through the bank, post office and online donations in the donation please specify the name of the donor, address, contributions, such as: Sichuan earthquake donations and other information, in order to mail the donation receipt and letter of thanks (


5, China via SMS enquiries: China Mobile, China Unicom mobile phone users and China Telecom, Chinese Netcom PHS users can edit the text "Chinese Red Cross", sent to 12114, can understand the situation Chinese red cross.

Red Cross Society of China donated hotline and enquiry Tel: donation hotline: 010-65139999, 64027620 (daytime).

China Red Cross Foundation also accept donations from all sectors of society

address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District Dongdan North Street dry alley No. 53

zip code: 100010.

bank remittance: Account Name: China Red Cross Foundation

Bank: Bank of China Beijing branch account: 800100>

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