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Key words Baidu and other websites search results

23 reporters from the State Food and drug administration was informed: State Food and Drug Supervision Bureau Inspection Bureau recently on the Internet illegal information, drug release showed centralized monitoring of illegal drug sales situation, the number of illegal use "disease name for the keyword search to very concentrated.

according to reports, the monitoring of selected "diabetes drugs" "hypertension drugs" and "gout drug" disease name, Viagra and other relevant drug names and related agencies for keywords, in Beijing, Tianjin and Harbin three, Google, Baidu, respectively on YAHOO, Sogou, soso Bing, etc. 6 searching engines, to monitor the illegal web search engine links proportion mostly in 10% – 30%. Among them, YAHOO and Google link higher proportion of illegal web pages.

according to the State Food and Drug Supervision Bureau Inspection Bureau responsible person, the monitoring to 196 pages, 191 did not receive or not marked on the food and Drug Administration approved the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" or "Internet drug business qualification certificate", accounting for 96%.

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