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Adsense network broadcast contact can lead to Taobao account was cracked Jingdong 11 double push int

1 contacts can lead to break the balance of treasure and Taobao account with Alipay

news October 30th, domestic security issues feedback platform (cloud WooYun) released information that the Alibaba’s dealings can lead to Taobao account has been cracked, and the balance of treasure, alipay.

WooYun said that the types of these vulnerabilities are design flaws, logic errors.

WooYun according to the description, user login through the Taobao account exchange, due to defects in the application itself, could lead to hackers "from" crack the user’s Taobao account security problem to spread to Alipay, Yu Ebao.

2 Alibaba Ma: a successful investor

recently, the sale of Huayi Brothers shares once again become a hot topic, this is not his first reduction. Yesterday, Alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as Alibaba) relevant person in charge to the first Financial Daily reporters, said Ali group did not know this, investment Huayi Brothers belong to Ma personal investment behavior.

One insider

Yunfeng fund told reporters: Huayi Brothers recent good performance, market performance is relatively good, reducing the normal behavior of stock market is capital.

it is worth noting that Ma has repeatedly holdings, and lucrative. Ma Yun in 2010 through the block trading holdings of shares 3 million shares, Huayi Brothers said its holdings to improve life "; while Ma Yun categorically denied this, and said" if stock investments are not allowed to sell, will be a blow to the industry innovation".

3 interface will soon open first merchants do WeChat content marketing

October 29th, WeChat public platform MapWorld beta, open a new certification system, and to increase the development of the corresponding interface, this is mainly for the service number. This is good news for WeChat operators, but for small business owners, real time operation of these details, can be expensive to fix things, is a hard nut to crack, really want to play WeChat, will have to see the operation.

operating WeChat public number is clearly different from micro-blog marketing. Unlike micro-blog marketing, most of the content of the public WeChat is almost once and for all, do not need the overwhelming amount of information to spread Chen to attract and delight people of different tastes. In the WeChat public number you have to do is to content as the core, all not content as the core of WeChat marketing are playing rogue.

4 Yuantong express a single source related leak investigation reselling site has been shut down

online reselling tact express a single event shocking. Reporters yesterday informed that the investigation is on the Yuantong express express a single number of leakage source, related reselling site has been shut down.


event after exposure, Shanghai postal administration requires tact strict implementation of information security responsibility system and.

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