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nternet giant into the bank Tencent Ali or missed the first license

private capital can enter the clarion call of the banking sector, Ali, Tencent, Suning and other Internet companies have submitted the declaration materials, into the financial sector.

at present, the application of private banks have been approved by the Guangdong provincial government, the material has been submitted to the cbrc. September 12th, SAIC information display, Suning bank has approved the registration of industry and commerce. Earlier, Ali is applying for printing came, Internet banking license, although Ali financial CEO Peng Lei denied the rumors, but the Internet financial sector still believe that Ali has been working license, because Ali financial needs of financial services on the Internet is the license.

in addition to Suning, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet heavyweights, many Internet Financial entrepreneurs have begun to look down from the line, as well as small and micro businesses focus on Internet banking services. For example, through the line with the department store, large supermarket cooperation, through the IT system to cut the flow of information, effective commodity management, and so on to try to supply chain finance. For small and micro businesses, the development of a number of generation accounting, tax on behalf of cloud services, access to small and micro enterprise business information, and so on loans.

and the banking sector is also awakening, according to its own financial advantages, the rapid integration of Internet technology, the formation of their own competitiveness. September 16th, Minsheng Bank announced a partnership with Alipay, the two sides will be in direct banking, financial product sales, data mining, risk analysis, IT services and other aspects of the depth of cooperation.

for Internet companies, the core competitiveness or the advantages of the internet. In view of the supply chain finance and small loans can be based on its own platform, technology, data analysis, information flow management of suppliers, sellers, and set up a credit rating system, loans, and loan management effectively. As for the Internet, the insurance fund management business, can cover the majority of the "grass root", the realization of universal banking. Currently, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, Suning in the Internet on the idea of finance are not out of these paths.

for Internet banking and traditional banking competition, the vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Wu Xiaoling believes that Internet banking will not cause disruptive impact on banks, banks in the loan business advantage is still in the sink. Because, at present, the financial business on the Internet is basically a single, can not create a deposit, but to absorb other people’s deposits. But the bank loan department together, at the same time, the bank itself has also been used in the Internet and information technology to transform their business processes, complete their unique business.

"at present, the Internet is still in the state of financial staking, a 3 year window of opportunity." Huang Zhen, director of the Institute of financial law, Central University of Finance and Economics, said that in the past 3 years, Internet companies, and financial companies will learn from each other’s strengths, and to accumulate their own advantages. In the future, the Internet is still the competition of financial bigwigs. This Internet companies, the opportunity is only 3 years.


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