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Russian national domain name sold $1 million 500 thousand should look to all of Russia’s Orthodox top-level domain, but in fact already registered by others, until recently by a Russian mystic who bought the price up to $1 million 500 thousand, also marks the.Com domain name trading after last year’s trough is heating up. NewMedia Holdings Inc. by the domain name, the company registered in May 1995 and 2004 by the Web Consulting Ltd, Paley Media, Inc is responsible for the maintenance, the main service is to provide online guide for people who travel to Russia’s Internet users. According to the data of different institutions, the site’s monthly independent access to only 8000-8700 people, such a precious domain name is indeed a waste.

mysterious buyer said in a statement, the price of $1 million 500 thousand is really expensive, but the domain name is absolutely worth the price, but he did not disclose where it will be used.

NewMedia Holdings and Paley Media have the following looks like national domain name: (Algeria), (Morocco), (Puerto Rico), (South Africa), (Scotland), (Ukraine). The use of these sites and are similar, but also for the country’s tourism channel.

In addition

, belonging to the Russian national top-level domain by the Russian Duma 29 Moscow Kremlin representative Rikov (Konstantyn Rykov) NewMedia Stars responsible for the operation of private enterprises, is one of the most famous Internet TV channel website, according to TNS Web Index data access in September 2009 amounted to 2 million.

this year, other important.Com domain names are: $3 million, $5 million 100 thousand, $1 million 800 thousand, $1 million 400 thousand. home screenshot

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