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Shanda literature said last year to assist disabled piracy fiction website 89

news March 15th, according to a grand literary copyright tracking system to collect data show that in 2011 the grand literature online piracy assist cracked 4 criminal cases, arrested 12 criminals; at the same time there are 11 suspects have been detained in accordance with the law. Civil rights cases more than 40 cases. The grand literature assistance to the judicial organs, ban piracy fiction website 89, seizure involved more than 60 pieces of server hard disk.

data show that in 2011, the grand literature before the ten popular works every day is close to 1 million 300 thousand times the search volume, but filled with links to piracy website a large number of search results in search results; in the novel, the number of genuine link is only 1%. In the post bar, the top ten popular literary works of the number of pirated links more than ten thousand articles, the top ten popular works on the average number of pirated links were visited up to nearly 3 million 500 thousand times.

if the site of the site and the user’s data comparison, you can find that the number of pirated sites and genuine website PV is 81% to 19%, compared to the number of users IP is more than the number of 12%. The source of piracy advertising revenue from 52% of the domestic well-known advertising alliance. Pirated websites swallowed up the vast majority of genuine site PV and IP, and thus attract more advertising users, which can be seen, piracy sites on the legitimate site caused serious damage.

Shanda literature said that in 2012, Shanda literature will mobilize all forces, and then lift the fight against piracy thunder storm.


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