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Using the concept of resource integration for traffic marketing

      using the concept of resource integration to operate the website… Li Dianxin

      Web site is a platform for users is also a tool to use this platform to communicate with each other, the use of this tool can make him more efficient to complete the work. The operation of the site is equivalent to do their own products, the establishment of channels and sales to achieve profitability.

      what is resource?

      the "word" interpretation of the resources is: " the source of wealth, generally refers to the natural resources. " the United Nations Environment Programme on the definition of the resource is " the so-called resources, especially natural resources is to create economic value in a certain period of time, site conditions, in order to improve the natural factors of current and future human welfare and conditions. "

      websites and networks have become important information resources, it can create wealth, for social development and human progress has a huge impact, is the resource can be used.

      resource integration involved in the operation site

      1 links, channel cooperation, cooperation and integration of the two domain names of the other customers and SEO search, etc..

      2 event marketing alliance to create a common influence, with the influence of marketing and brand marketing.

      3 advertising alliance, the use of advertising advertising alliance site location, and the corresponding support to provide the source of economic operation of the site.

      pop alliance, Download plug-ins and virus spread and so on…… etc….

      when the web site operates with several factors (components)?

      1 users, that is, Internet users, directly into the site for learning and sharing purposes, etc., are likely to enter the site.

      2 of the domain name, the domain name itself is a symbol of the network numbers, so the two level domain is valuable.

      the content of 3 websites, the blood of the website is the content that appears on the website.

      4 social resources, such as traditional media, social

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