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Do not mess up the ups and downs do not call a business website is also a good life



2007 when I opened a free blog, in 6 months time, through Google Adsense and some other channels monthly revenue of $3800. A year later, the site has 110 thousand monthly visitors, PV150 million, revenues of more than $ten thousand. This amazing achievement is actually only a game related blog, and most of the time, a lot of posts are turned from the official blog.

was a little shocked by what he had done, or was shocked by what had happened to me, so I started talking about it at the party. What do you think the successful entrepreneur told me?

, which is called entrepreneurship, is a website ah."

according to his meaning, there is a stable revenue is not enough to call it a business, a large number of independent visitors and PV is not enough. So in the end how to call it


said you think I do this blog,, is a startup? It’s a simple idea, I don’t understand this completely by technical people without any programming help, do not expect, only this.

said I really really tried a "real" business. At that time, the pocket money, hire a programmer, spent a year on a youth with personal file platform, called Funhouse, was a virtual world version of the file.

is the result of this venture, spent thousands of dollars without any revenue, there are 6000 members, well, this is my "entrepreneurs"? Might be a tragic "serial entrepreneur".

to tell the truth, I do not know when I do a free Funhouse site, with a good advertising revenue and traffic when the entrepreneurial sense of accomplishment. If the definition of Entrepreneurship (as I read on the Internet is no impression) would be a great idea to make a perfect execution can simplify the implementation of product, and then waiting to be acquired words. Thank you. I’ll go back to my website.

why? Because I don’t care if I can leave a mark on the world, at least for now.

I just want to earn some money.

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