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HDC.CN six digit transaction buyers may engage in T digital industry

recently, the forum and QQ group minon broke the news, closing price of three digit CN domain HDC.CN more than six digits.

from the end of 2009, after the State prohibits individuals registered CN domain name,.CN domain name minon large investment of large-scale evacuation, once the price once again became the garbage CN domain name. A well-known CN domain name investors in the domain name exchange group will hold 200 of the total price of the three CN domain name of the transfer of 100 thousand, the average price of $500. Overnight, CN domain value diving.

domain community friends broke the news, this domain price in 2009 was asking price 4000 yuan, because the seller price of $5000, and ultimately did not buy. If in accordance with the news that the transaction price of 6 digits, that is more than $100 thousand, after several hands, 2 years, more than 20 times the upgrade.

HDC.CN WHOIS information

through Whois information update, found registered information has become the era of change Shenzhen Huaxin Communication Equipment Co Ltd.


domain name to do the first entrance to the Internet, the Internet has always been the focus of many people in the industry think, happy net ( is not listed, but imitators copycat happy net ( has emerged in the capital market, one of the most successful battle is the domain name of the station. A short period of time, the use of the user’s habits and domain names, will really pull ran a lot of happy net users.

recent millet phone crazy force, so that a lot of cottage manufacturers in Shenzhen to see the hope of the future. HDC and Taiwan famous mobile phone manufacturer HTC is only one letter short, after a shake all corners of the country "valley effect" due to the appearance of mobile phone like the apple iPhone4 HDC.CN and a high turnover, people can not help but use imagination of this domain, whether HTC will be copycat? Global intelligent mobile phone millet appears to make war triggered at any moment. Without a mobile phone production experience in Internet Co, overnight out of a let users crazy copycat products, Shenzhen seems machine manufacturers is completely HOLD

not to live!


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