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Founder of the north to tell everyone we want to start a movie

news August 23rd, watercress network founder and CEO Alvaro (Yang Bo) recently released internal letter said, after more than half a year to test the water, watercress reading will set up a film company, formally enter the field of film.

watercress founder north to tell everyone: we are going to start the movie

, according to an internal letter revealed by Dai Qin to promote and be responsible for reading from watercress will extend a new team and organization. The new company will choose good watercress reading novels, screenwriter, director and creative organization, investment and development and to participate in the follow-up film. The basis of this step is to read in the past few years in the author’s creative direction of unremitting efforts and the accumulation of solid content, but also to read in the content of business exploration and pioneer to continue.

what kind of film do you want to make? Maybe it’s a science fiction movie. A North said that after reading the film adaptation of the project on the line, there have been hundreds of film and television companies and more writers to join, concern and hatching new screenwriter and film production projects. Science fiction "chasing the sun man" rights sold to millions of new beautiful pictures, but this time we will be together and their joint development, and enjoy some preferential investment right. We will participate in the film co productions, and work together to make the new Laguna group first prize essay science fiction works on screen.

had to test the water watercress, watercress reading the first short film, a hero has been screened at the Shanghai film festival. As a writer of the platform, watercress reading extends a Movie Creator platform is a field. A North said that the writer and hope that the director, especially the young creators, around the original story of watercress, to make a good movie. This platform is as important to the future as the original writing, but also a new direction and start.

this afternoon, a letter to the north of the media by the media, it was part of the strong support of friends, friends said, watercress should do this thing".


started to make films follow suit or long-term strategic planning? O north inside the letter said, "watercress read from the watercress user community, a new independent film brand is also a long-term career from watercress. As with the new efforts in the development of content and publishing, the source of all this is the creation and the creator. Watercress is a bridge between them and the user, and the product and business connectivity services do better, watercress and they will go very far." (Wang Kaka)

is a letter to the north of the letter:

Dear All,

watercress reading after more than half a year to test the water, now officially entered the film production. Watercress is starting to make movies.

to read watercress original writing for four years, has accumulated more than twenty thousand authors and more than 8 thousand exclusive works. Write the author of a new continuous influx of each essay two thousand.

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