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Macro analysis since June, the total number of changes in the global domain name

according to last month’s IDC review of the world’s largest domain name registration agency survey report shows that the global domain name market is always in a dynamic change, the overall upward trend is good, optimistic outlook. Today, we will make a brief macro analysis of the actual situation of the global domain name in June.

below, please look at our data:


(Figure 1 2010.5.31-2010.7.05 global domain name growth)


(Figure 2 2010.5.31-2010.7.05 domain name growth in the global distribution of columnar)

can be intuitively seen from Figure 2, the overall situation, the growth momentum of the global domain name remained stable, there is no significant fluctuations in the growth of more stable. TOP30 in the global domain name registry, Chinese already go up into the three bit (Tenth bit XINNET.COM and HICHINA.COM ranked seventeenth and twenty-third from Hongkong Chinese DOMAINDELUXE.COM), gradually stand in the forest of the world. The growth of the global domain name also provides opportunities and challenges for domain name registrar. In short, the global domain name will continue to expand until saturation, during which the world will continue this war without smoke.

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