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Tourism website webmaster association was formally established in Beijing today

Association background: the rapid development of the tourism industry, the number of inbound tourists reached 130 million passengers, the international tourism revenue reached $33 billion 600 million; the number of domestic tourists reached 1 billion 300 million passengers, domestic tourism revenue reached 583 billion yuan. Total tourism revenue reached 855 billion yuan. Nearly five years of rapid development of tourism websites, there are now a total of more than 8 thousand travel sites, when the site is at the edge of the loss or loss of 95%. Study on how to better and healthy development of tourism sites, how to promote the healthy development of the tourism industry, the cause of the establishment of the association of tourism website owners.


is the founding member of the following list:     

roaming China Network     

good network travel channel

E Tour World 

Mount Wutai tourism network 

tour friends network

China Econo Hotel


for a walk;

Sichuan tourism professional portal


Sichuan Tourism Forum

nine Tour Network 


road guest


China Travel News Network 

ticketing world 

travel around the world

Zhongshan tourism network

China Travel platform   

Guilin Brigade

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