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During the Olympic Games more and more strict supervision of personal website

due to the recent Olympic Games a lot of illegal websites have been blocked or closed this also reminds us of these small Adsense pay attention to the audit site content

is the first and the Olympic Games related video should be strictly audited is very powerful for this type of gun recently state video station check fight bird hope everyone’s attention

is the following:

cited content:

in the future, the individual recorded after the Olympic Games live without authorization to upload, or pirated video sites broadcast Olympic events, will face a maximum penalty of 100 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the State Copyright Bureau and other departments to start special action against Internet piracy, from now until mid October, a nationwide crackdown on illegal broadcast Olympic events and video website infringement.

Xu Chao, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration of copyright management department of

, during the Olympic Games, the Olympic Sports Behavior on the illegal broadcast of the game will appear, so this special action will focus on combat, whether individuals or website, if the record matches after upload to the network, whether for profit or nonprofit purposes, as long as the influence to the right of copyright to the interests of the people, all belonging to the infringement, will face a maximum penalty of $100 thousand.

for the current video website piracy problems, the special action will be severely punished for unauthorized dissemination of other types of work video website, publish infringing works of individuals will jointly bear responsibility and website. In addition, the special action will also increase the active supervision of the site, for large sites and specially engaged in the dissemination of music, movies, software, books, games and other content sites to increase supervision, for the dissemination of content is authorized to inspect, standardize the network using the works of behavior.

Xu Chao said that this special action is very welcome to copyright holders and the public by the National Copyright Administration website reporting platform, 12390 anti piracy report and participate in the way such as telephone, copyright departments will be certain to commend and reward the report verified them.

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