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Daily topic know almost complete the C round of financing Sogou search station completed

A5 webmaster network ( November 9th news, on the 5 day of this month Q & a community know almost announced $55 million C round of financing, Tencent and Sogou investment, and said the future will cooperate with sogou.

know almost founder Zhou source in the know almost said that this round of financing is a new investment Tencent and Sogou, Tencent lead. Know almost before investors Saif, Qiming venture and innovation workshops in the current round of investment, Ethernet capital acted as financial advisor. The company’s valuation of more than $300 million, the source said Zhou, chose the Tencent and Sogou, because I believe that Ma Huateng and Wang Xiaochuan understand and know almost focus on the product itself, in the sincerity and comprehensive strength, Tencent and Sogou are excellent investors.

Wang Xiaochuan, senior Internet users as practitioners and know, attention, with knowledge of the creation and growth, appreciate the excellent team and know the community full of vitality, more amazing knowledge and wisdom of the platform created by the. "If you want to know to do one thing, that is: cooperation; if you want to do two things, that is: investment + cooperation. I am pleased to achieve these two ideals, Sogou participated in this round of investment, and expand strategic cooperation."

yesterday afternoon (November 8), vice president Ru Liyun and CTO Li Shenshen to know Sogou known way officially announced the specific content of this cooperation, through strategic cooperation with Sogou search, improve the perennial Tucao known search.

know almost on the line in 2010, claiming to connect the various sectors of the elite, users can share knowledge, experience and insights on the knowledge sharing. Users can also modify each other’s problems, with a view to the relationship between the community in the form of help users find better questions and answers. Since 2013, the registration of open know almost know the number of registered users began to rocket up, as of March 2015, know almost has 17 million registered users, monthly independent visitors close to 100 million. Shortly before the launch of UGC know almost the whole network share of   "read daily" is considered the biggest change since the beginning of this year.

this partnership, known almost exclusive content to open Sogou port, to know the real-time data onto the Sogou search engine, not only includes the quiz, the topic, including the user homepage unique information. Therefore, Sogou search, from the question and answer to the question of the platform, the topic and the content of the user at three levels, will be structured in the search results presented in the instant sogou.

Sogou, high-quality content of knowledge will be displayed in Sogou search on the user’s screen, but Li Shenshen also stressed that this cooperation will fully respect the known user, if the user does not want our content to be searched is can choose to turn off in their privacy settings in the search.

at present, the content of the data within the platform is growing explosively, how to filter and better show the quality of content within the platform

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