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Analysis of marketing thinking in the mobile nternet Era

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, marketing is also expanding to the mobile internet. The rapid development in recent years, so that the mobile Internet has been perfect, also have a PC end do not have functions, such as GPS status, let the taxi drops, on-line map, unfamiliar street and other products, more convenient for people’s life; such as voice, let Baidu search without typing, WeChat chat without typing speak directly, can be automatically converted into text. There are payment functions, camera features, and so on, so that our lives more intelligent, personalized, social, and even with the.

this also makes the transformation of our marketing approach, the mobile internet marketing, in the author’s view: the most essential thing is that people". Whether it is a public account or circle of friends or micro-blog, are around the people began. If the popularity of mobile phones is not so high, these methods are no way to achieve. So two or three years ago, the momentum was not obvious.


you can think of any one enterprise to do advertising, whether to buy a Taobao or Baidu ranking, train or some display advertising, all is for the sake of exposure, in order to let more people see. In our public accounts, but also to allow these people to see, every day a chance to display. Now so many people to find friends, so many sellers, we all hate those sellers, but there are still a lot of people to do, and do a good job, the income is high, the most fundamental reason is that he accounted for a channel advantage, People are hurrying to and fro. inside this channel, a lot of traffic. Such as Wangfujing, if the flow of people every day there are forty thousand or fifty thousand Wangfujing, any one of the value of big shop. If we have a lot of personal account, whether it is micro-blog, WeChat or circle of friends, which is equivalent to their own built a Wangfujing.

mobile Internet thinking is now users gathered together from traffic, both in his body earned no money are never mind, if this person came in, trust, sooner or later in the people who earn more money.

, for example, millet began selling mobile phone does not earn some money, after all, is the price tag configuration on the internet. But he established a brand by phone, gathered popularity, established a reputation, and millet is only the first step to sell the phone, but it is through the forum, QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat and other ways to build up the channel. The beginning is a millet phone, and later appeared red rice, and then later router and millet TV, around the rice, do their own ecological park.

so, in the mobile Internet era is the key to how to establish a customer related channels.

here to talk about the establishment of the relevant channels with customers, simply to allow customers to recognize us, trust us. For example, in Taobao’s hardware crown shop, although they sold tens of millions of goods, there have been tens of millions of individuals to buy their goods, but.

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