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The latest advertising League rankings

in the forum to see many webmaster looking for good advertising alliance, here I and several senior webmaster according to several years of experience to do their own stand out, an advertising alliance list, this list is based on the diversity of all union rates and services, stability and advertising content arrangement, specific rankings are as follows:

1, Baidu Alliance: there is no doubt that Baidu is the best, the price is high, advertising is rich, the stability is needless to say, but the requirements of the site is also high, a large amount of features can be considered.

2, Google Alliance: as the world’s Internet giants, all aspects of technology are good, and now the site’s requirements are strict, there are two off waiting for the webmaster. The reason for the second is because Google ads will appear in English, these ads click rate is relatively low.

3, lejiu advertising alliance: as the bright younger generation I did this alliance, in addition to Baidu, Google outside of the best, good service, good quality of advertising, website optimization or price slightly lower than Baidu, for this, one of their alliance media name: QQ1614987263, Jingxing that is very good, he can find a service for you. And regardless of whether or not the Alliance for the record, you can apply for the requirements of the site is very loose. Suitable for all kinds of webmaster.

4, Ali mother Alliance: did mom, but mom doesn’t seem too small for love, small ads are quite ugly, click on the price is not high, basically are Taobao ads, but the site audit conditions are quite loose.

5, dark horse Union: Union as a field of a dark horse, horse alliance is very strong, but their demands to the site is very high, the general small Adsense game, traffic is not high the people despise you. Dark horse advertising style is quite rich, pictures, text, everything has.

6, Yiqifa advertising alliance: the advertising alliance is not what special demands on the website, but the website advertising is CPS fashion advertising, especially suitable for shopping navigation websites.

7, A5 advertising alliance: the alliance is A5 webmaster network’s many webmaster love under, mostly CPC, CPA advertising, suitable for small and medium-sized websites, and pop-up ads, rich style, the site requirements are relatively loose.

8, Sogou Sogou advertising as one of its business, Sogou alliance can still, is to click on ads, and the optimization effect is good, there is no requirement of the website Baidu so high. If you do not have any other Adsense to do so, you can choose this.

9, QQ Alliance: this should only apply to the Tencent’s DZ forum users can apply for QQ Union, the price is not high, low scary, but for the newly established owners, advertising, can also fill the content, or good.

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