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Novice should learn how to promote the site

as everyone knows, now more and more people begin to do! When standing up to do after the key is how you want to promote your website.

according to my investigation to understand the following promotion of

1 forum to promote

Forum promotion is definitely here in the forum is not a version of the advertised, nor will the web site address and signature and crazy scraper, as both exhausting and the effect is not good, the forum administrator just a few clicks you will post all the way to shut you deleted ID, but the impact is so bad, as disgusting as spam. There are times in a forum to see a way to promote the site is much better. It is a small site to provide employment and learning materials, their propaganda personnel will be all kinds of articles on the site made the link to the form, and put a good classification, posted on various forums, so as to bring convenience to some people in need, and not because of too much direct advertising and be ShanTie, the propaganda effect is much better. If these data are posted to the forum in line with their own positioning of the appropriate forum, will be able to get a lot of hits.

          the following I will not detail 2 blog promotion 3 pictures of viral marketing promotion methods 5 4 e-mail connection exchange 6 advertising exchange 7.qq sending information to 8 site navigation 9 name card and news promotion propaganda 10 11 12 13 Internet search engine promotion to create a sensational 14 text chain 15 in the ranking and selection activities in 16 kinds of books, chat rooms, news release information of attention 17 website yourself online promotion activities more than 18 strong and 19 friends using the software to promote the 20 newspapers and magazines, broadcast TV 21 website alliance 22 web virus 23 client bundled one of my website variety is definitely not for twenty-second methods! This is the large number of small and medium-sized websites, put a hidden website automatically Download the virus, modify the user’s IE registry, so that the Internet users to open a IE browser, directly into a web site! Cause inconvenience to others!

finally please predecessors a lot of pointing! Want to know more about a method can be posted in reply

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