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The age of the nternet the promotion of e-commerce websites


now is the era of the Internet, all walks of life are more and more attention to the field of Internet, the Internet and traditional industries are also penetration and fusion, as a kind of training industry, we also keep pace, strive for mining more valuable customers from the Internet, but the site is not in the process of promoting the Everything is going smoothly. has encountered many. The problem, but after the recent development, all are moving in the direction of the smooth, today used to share with you, hope you have a harvest.

first, rely on content to get word of mouth

in the content, we do a lot of research and investigation in detail, and the main local training institutions, its characteristics, contents, curriculum richness some basic information on the site, plus the old students to share, so the contents are very real, there is a certain quality. So when the user to the site will have a sense of trust, because they can get the first time the desired information, can get other places can not understand the true information. Give them a good reference for the judgment. In addition to our website to do a certain amount of investigation and analysis, the outside world also need to have a certain network. Because these sites are not 100% rely on the line, the line is also very important. In short, a large number of persistent content so that the site has a certain reputation.

second, with the station group optimization keywords

I think many websites will attach great importance to the optimization of key words, after all, there are a large number of web content, if the weight of the website promotion, plus the core keywords, then every day from the flow of the search engine is very impressive. We know the importance of external links, so the use of station group. A lot of small websites, to keep the small website station strategy, finally the weight oriented master, in order to improve the keywords ranking, ongoing stage, the effect is good. But it is difficult for a person to manage, need a lot of updates every day, so sometimes it will take a little pseudo original and collection, which is inevitable.

third, do free lectures

is mainly through the QQ group and YY channel to explain the teaching, on the one hand, my colleagues have been responsible for doing such a course can narrow the distance between us and customers, and attract more people to listen to lectures. We are in this area through the QQ group publicity. He also built some portal free blog, optimization of some long tail keywords from the blog, also can come to a part of the flow, when enough, on the use of YY for the overall training time for a partition, and explain some knowledge of the training institutions. The end of the course, will make a video to the website, such as Youku and potatoes, can also take a part of the flow, this many webmaster are used, some Douding, some Baidu library, the effect has been good.

fourth, go to Baidu Post Bar know propaganda

in Baidu post bar and know inside, I >

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