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Four suggestions for the development of SNS community

according to Dz official introduction, at present the world has more than 100 independent website using Comsenz platform or core technology to establish their own community platform (including discussion area, social network, community portal, etc.). Of course, most often on the forum, are Dz, today some advice from the DZ forum, hoping to promote it.

, a closed from the palace

saw many closed impatient friends, may think it is bullshit, but do not hurry, and then patiently read. Dz and other forums have a login box, as shown in Figure:


I said that the closure is to bring the Dz login box to kill, and the use of popular now, but also the most convenient QQ, Sina micro-blog a key login. Pictured:


a lot of friends for the first time to see the forum registration, will hastily register, the purpose is to think quickly want to see their own content, second times to the forum, found no account forget, landing after several failures, with emotions left. But QQ, micro-blog these two landing mode, is in a large number of passwords and accounts, remember the most clear (the highest frequency of use). The QQ and micro-blog is not so simple, QQ and micro-blog registration, when users see their favorite content, it will be easy to achieve sharing, not only increased the amount of sharing, but also to help the site to promote. In addition, QQ, micro-blog registration, the webmaster can put the latest consultation, event information, the first time, accurately communicated to the user, so that users concerned about the forum, to enhance the user’s stickiness on the forum.

two, open equality

many forums in order to prevent the emergence of a large number of spam posts, the use of a strict hierarchy, to a certain level, can be issued in a sector post. The goal seems to, but the disadvantages are also appeared, why do you say that? Often on the forum, is not have this experience, when you see a post, sometimes some of the content is not very comprehensive, you want to give when he added the results to find your own level is not enough, helpless choose to ignore.

my personal advice is to remove these forum level limits, let the people have a right to participate, veterans are not speaking, only when I really could not stand, will show you, also is not willing to be registered on the forum, intended to light. So, only to make the platform more open, in order to get more valuable information on the platform.

three, concise and accurate

have problems when you search, when to a forum, we see the same with their own problems, but it always has a lot of meaningless thread, such as good ah, I come, soy sauce and so on. Turn over a few pages of this trash thread, to see their full.

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