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Where both 100 million wheel car life ecosystem to build nternet confidence


| Li East

in recent years, with the rapid rise in the number of domestic car ownership, the automotive service market began explosive growth. According to the 2015 China automotive aftermarket Market Research Report predicts that by 2018, China’s auto market after the market size will exceed one trillion

such a huge market size, will undoubtedly attract a lot of Internet start-ups to join the automotive service market, gold among them. This is a car to provide maintenance services, such as road tiger car, also provide second-hand car trading, such as all cars, and for the owners to provide traffic and illegal query agent, such as wheel check illegal.

, however, according to the recent statistics I dark horse found that the newly established automotive service company in 2016 fell sharply. As of the first half of 2016 the number of newly established companies in 2016 is less than 1/10 in 2015. Correspondingly, the car after the market financing event is also compared to the past few years, for the first time there was a downward trend in the first half of 2016, only 99 cases of financing events, and in 2015 the financing event occurred from the beginning of the 342. Thus, the field of entrepreneurship in the automotive service has been transferred from hot to cold".

why investors optimistic about the wheels of the Internet?

however, in the capital market cooling of the background, with 200 million users, owns the Internet, wheel wheel check illegal wheel driving test, wheel and many other products in the community has recently announced the Chinese rich capital investment 100 million yuan c+ round of financing. It is worth mentioning that the wheels of Internet in April this year just announced obtained from the capital, Cape of Good Hope, Xin Yi Jing Lin capital, SAIC and bailihong jointly invested 550 million b+c round of financing, and with this round of financing, financing a total of 650 million Internet to get the two wheels in the year 2016, obviously extremely optimistic about the capital market the. So, why investors optimistic about the wheels of the Internet in my opinion, the following points:

first, the wheels of the Internet currently has 200 million users. Where’s the wheel check illegal and wheel driving test such as the two core app product users scale of billions of dollars. In fact, the entire Internet industry, not the size of mobile users billions of dollars of the company, and put in the car after the market will be very rare, but also all is the owner or the owner, obviously this behind the precise positioning and the sheer size of the user group is undoubtedly a great commercial value, this is an important reason. The investors are optimistic about the.

second, different from other start-up companies still in the burn stage, the wheel has been through the Internet such a "rear wheel check illegal" service successfully found the profit model. In fact, since this year, the industry repeatedly heard in the car wash, such as maintenance of the car after the service startup failed message, and one of the most fundamental is simply burn and can’t find profit model. According to the wheel founder and CEO Wu Feng revealed that the rear wheel service profitability also >

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