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The entrepreneurial skill tree

I was quite the entrepreneur’s popularity, always participate in some entrepreneurial activities, what the party. As well as high frequency chat with all kinds of entrepreneurs, drinking tea.

but I have a bad habit, on various occasions, entrepreneurs often poured cold water, some time ago there was a dinner and play it, many entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial direction, the needs of users, it is quite good, to me, I said I’m sorry, guys, you in the direction of demand. Are good, but I hit you, I just can say ten better than you in the direction of demand, you believe, however these were not eggs by what you prove yourself,

can do a good job in this direction?

this is a bit toxic, but for many entrepreneurs are applicable.


actually, for those who are keen enough to be curious enough, you will find that there are opportunities everywhere, everywhere knowledge. If you reach this sensitivity, I told you, you casually stroll around the Internet, you will find that you can start the business, you can tap the needs of almost countless. Find the need to find the direction, in my opinion, it is not a thing!!!

the question is, what can I do?

if you have ideas, but no skills, then these ideas and judgments, it is difficult to achieve success. Even if you have the one and only good ideas, and won the first mover advantage, have the skills and resources of plagiarism can be divided into minute reversal pattern, let you become martyrs, such cases are beyond count.

today, let’s talk about the skills that entrepreneurs may need.

first: flow capacity

many entrepreneurs will ignore this point, especially in the traditional industry background, will tend to ignore this point, they tend to think that I have good products, to meet the needs of users, will be able to get word of mouth, do not spend money.

yes, there are a lot of free word-of-mouth publicity case, but first, now in the Internet, this is more difficult, because the resources are relatively scarce in the Internet era, the product is easy to spread, and now, users have the option to have any obstacles, a field there are countless the competing products, you have to say that they are not like other people, many of them are their own imagination is not the same, in fact, other products can be divided into minutes instead of you. Second, even if you do not spend money publicity, a large extent you are good at making the topic, good at copywriting and social marketing, specializes in some capacity, and rarely sit there waiting for you to drop the user. There are cases like this, I can count a few, but to tell the truth, there is no copy, that is, how good luck you will encounter such a thing.


traffic capability includes the following areas:

SEO search engine optimization, so that search engines more included your web pages, to bring you more articles

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