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How to optimize the content of the WeChat article so that the amount of forwarding and reading two t

company WeChat account, first is to publish content, because the company has a certain influence in the industry, many parts of the country have distributors, WeChat opened, the spread of the industry, fans will have some natural increase. But when fans increased to more than and 500 when a bottleneck. Later, according to the actual situation of the company and the industry, through a variety of ways to allow fans to increase to more than 4 thousand and 600 in the next 1 months. Although there is no explosive growth, but with respect to the first half of the more than and 500 fans of the bottle has been a great improvement, the following from the perspective of WeChat content to share our approach.

1. Start from the content to analyze the user needs. Because there have been some basic users, so the user classification, full analysis of the needs of users, push the corresponding content. As a leader in the industry of high potential, WeChat fans can be broadly divided into the following categories:

1, the company’s employees and employees engaged in high potential industry;

2, the use of high potential therapeutic machine users;

3, is the customer’s family (children);

4, is concerned about other users of the health industry;

for the first type of users, we choose the content from the experience of the high potential, relevant articles for the six type of push for the high potential hazards such as hypertension, insomnia and other hazards. Although the main high potential for six kinds of diseases, but the actual use of the process, but also has curative effect, for many other diseases such as high potential medical WeChat content we can compare the rich, general venue staff will be happy to forward the collection of these articles, because they can be used to the lecture venue get these contents.

we will choose some marketing related content, namely how to make the venue marketing, of course, to consider the issue from the user and the staff double aspect, that is to have the value of staff, also let users feel that marketing is in fact for their service.

in addition, from the perspective of the company’s Qualification Authority, we also push some content, such as: medical device registration certificate in the hidden security secret you must understand! Because the authority is safe and reliable this article makes industry practitioners can advertise our products, so obtained so far the highest amount of forwarding.

for the second customers we released a number of celebrities as well as a way of keeping good health mental status of the elderly, the.

for the third customers, we released some filial piety related articles, and some products of high potential for sub-health, prone to fatigue and insomnia and neurasthenia symptoms in these young people’s article.

for fourth categories of users, we will release some information on the development of health industry trends.

here to mention is that because our customers to high potential employees, so some of the high potential and the combination of disease

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