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Three ways to let users participate in website promotion

website is a very tired and very important work. If you allow users to participate in the promotion of the site to help that is really wonderful. Usually some of the large users know how power is great. Through the user’s initiative to promote the site received the effect can be said to be good and good. Not only can start popularity, but also to make it easier to promote information. So how to allow users to participate in the author today to share some of their own experience:

uses incentives to lure users

many of the forum began to implement this approach, the use of a certain reward to allow users to want to get more permissions on the forum to help promote the forum. One of the disadvantages of this approach is that if the forum is not enough to create the popularity of the forum or the forum is not enough to attract users, then the effect of this approach is minimal. The same is true of the site, only when there are identified in the site to attract users of resources can make users more interested to help promote the site. In particular, we see a lot of forums have VIP section, the purpose is the same, you can let the user to help promote the site, with points in exchange for VIP privileges. This is the most attractive way to attract users, because it does not have to spend money, just take a little time to get VIP privileges, many users are very willing to accept such a temptation. Of course, to ensure that the VIP resources are not waste it is something, otherwise, water boat can capsize.

use content to impress users

a lot of sites and how to lure users, but also allows users to help promote spontaneous. The reason is that the role of the content. Because most of the users like to feel funny or valuable content to share their happiness with others. So you can let users do not have to pay anything to help facilitate the promotion of. So what the user can move to help promote? According to the verification, found some funny components especially heavy or spoof the content of super users, like very funny joke is very easy to impress users, to actively share, will tell friends where to see the. There are funny pictures, especially in the chat, many users like to use funny pictures to express their aspirations. So, by the user’s content or play on their own web site watermark funny pictures, the most allow users to participate in the promotion of the site.

use permissions to pull users to promote enthusiasm

The author

once a website is a joke class, he passed each user permissions on the site, through the promotion of how much IP can change the corresponding authority, such as a joke master level. Through the promotion of 500IP can be achieved on the seat of the master joke. In fact, this is not a real joke master, but each user has its own a little bit of vanity, although this authority in the real useless. But the user for his vanity

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