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Traditional nternet advertising regardless of the use of L’OREAL signed a public overseas network r

it also wants to intervene in the process of making "net red".

L’OREAL is working with more and more network red cooperation, through the network of red in the YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram for product promotion, to get the attention of target consumers.

Lubomira Rochet

, L’OREAL chief digital officer told the "Financial Times" in a recent interview, and "Red Net" cooperation in order to "make the marketing content, more experience and methods, especially in such a AdBlcok age."

Rochet believes that the prevalence of AdBlock just pointed out weakness of traditional digital advertising model in today’s society, and now consumers more easily to those not disturbing, immersive, fruitful and personalized "advertising interest.

"Financial Times" reported that L’OREAL has been a number of "net red" contract, but the specific details of the agreement has not been announced, the outside world is not aware of the contract fee.

currently, L’OREAL has signed 5 YouTube star video bloggers in the Middle East, their total subscription number of more than 22 million.

L’OREAL and net red cooperation began last year. At that time, beauty and fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, the company’s brand L’OREAL Paris signed at the age of 21, become the brand ambassador, and will create a digital marketing content and brand. According to People website, Bazan is the first online cosmetics company in the blogosphere. She has more than 2 million fans on Instagram, L’OREAL is regarded as a bridge between traditional advertising and consumers".


Kristina Bazan, images from

not only that, L’OREAL is also involved in the process of manufacturing network red. In April this year, Paris announced that L’OREAL teamed up with YouTube to launch a reality show in the former official YouTube page, video blogger program will invite 10 in France, to teach them how to become like Michelle Phan experience that beauty "red net". The show will last for 6 months, "they" will be issued by L’OREAL and YouTube BeautyTUBE certificate".


YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan, pictures from>

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