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Look from the Baidu space ah VS Taobao

yes shops out is also quite a long time, but not many people know the truth feeling, as of June 28, 2009 11:30 in search of shoes were found ah 159 stores, 7921 stores were found in the Taobao search for shoes. Because I have to understand the next Baidu space, so from the Baidu space to analyze some of the personal views of the ah VS Taobao.

: a space usage stage Baidu space in the agreement is not reasonable, need to be adjusted, the following statement from the "Baidu space user agreement".

unless otherwise signed with Baidu, the user agrees that this service is for personal non-commercial use only. Users are not allowed to use this service for advertising, sales, commercial display and other commercial purposes without the written consent of Baidu.

what is the meaning of this sentence, that is, in the Baidu space blog can not add an external web site links, albums can not upload product display. Yesterday saw some shop owner Baidu space, found that nearly half of the owner of the space was sealed. If there is a store space is closed, then it means that the shop has been hung half. Imagine a shop has been hung half who still have the mind to operate, no one to get a shop ah, how do you compete with Taobao. For those who open the shop blog is used to display and do shop advertising, if this is not enough, and how it may be bigger!

two: Baidu space with the shop can be more in-depth integration. At the present stage has opened ah shop Baidu account, Baidu space navigation bar will automatically add ah shop link advice ah shop and upload products, can automatically add the product display window in Baidu space at the top of the page. For the contents of the updated Baidu space, you can get an article in the shop to find a bulletin board. Or there are shops can be free to add the need to display the contents of the blog address (do not know if there is no possibility to achieve).

three: Baidu search engine advantage in space. If you often play Baidu space, you can find that the weight of the article in the Baidu space is very high, even if the article is reproduced, ranking is also very front, while the opposite is not the content of Taobao search. It is not difficult to develop a Baidu space with hundreds of views. Because Baidu space navigation bar has a link to the shop, so these valuable access to the store is very important ah. I took a fancy to this point was going to open a shop ah, the day before yesterday evening have submitted the real name authentication, but unfortunately Baidu space was closed yesterday, I was ah shop seems to have no blessing. At this stage know that Baidu and BaiduPay are not many people, I do not know why Baidu to the free publicity channels to block out, can not change a perspective and way to deal with this problem?

personally think that there are ah want to compete with Taobao, in addition to the functional aspects of the store effort, but also the need for multi flowering. Baidu space for the help of the owner of the sales will be very large, coupled with the recent Taobao seems to have a decline in performance

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