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The next station of electronic commerce logistics competition

Alibaba to invest 10 billion self built logistics, the main use of Jingdong to raise $1 billion, but also continue to invest in logistics, the factory of the world network to build logistics network industry sub station, is also aware of the importance of logistics in an electronic commerce future, Liu Qiangdong is playing with 20 billion yuan to build a nationwide logistics, also launch a massive plan, known as the lightning plan, one of the most important content is the construction of logistics.

"now is not the lack of investors, is the lack of high-quality enterprises," Analysys capital senior investment manager Zhang Pengcheng said, "although the Jingdong’s gross margin is low, but if his future is wrapped into a logistics company, will have a great imagination!" in Dangdang is pushing the lightning plan, logistics is a key ring. Currently, Dangdang in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other eight cities to establish a logistics center, with a total area of over 240 thousand square meters. In seven the city, has been able to achieve "the book, the day". Logistics is a more relative monopoly of the industry, Zhang Pengcheng said, if in the occupied area with a lot of money to get a monopoly of the market share, investors will be very interested in this".


business enterprise invested heavily in the construction of logistics? It is not difficult to see that logistics has become the electronic commerce industry competition under a high point, logistics will be the biggest opportunities for the development of electronic commerce is a electronic commerce enterprise competition, is an important channel into the attack, retreat. It will be the industry leading enterprises to establish another trade barriers, as well as her show net, these new B2C focus on electronic commerce walking a long way to go. The future of e-commerce, competition and logistics.

logistics is a huge asset, is of great service advantages, is an important resource for expansion of unequal competition with competitors in the field of e-commerce, is an important means to enhance the user experience of the future, who has only qualified for the field of logistics, e-commerce overlord. In China, with the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics is a piece of land to be reclaimed, and e-commerce is becoming more and more meticulous management, the pursuit of user experience, logistics is still a savage land.

in the "prediction" in 2011 China’s e-commerce development trend in this report points out that with the development of electronic commerce is more and more accepted by consumers and become accustomed to, their logistics is also put forward higher requirements, from a certain point of view, the logistics is often decided by the consumer experience, decided to have a single business. The report pointed out that the next 5 years, China consumers will pay more attention to the Internet business logistics services and other value-added services, compared with the richness of product species and depth of a product is slightly less.

in addition, the world factory that occupies an important pathway when the logistics of the electronic commerce, establish logistics industry sub station, the integration of the logistics industry gathering of well-known brands, the future can also extend a value-added service model, business model, the "

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