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Su Ning Zhang Jindong has seen the turning from the bend to the dawn

Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong

May 8th, Su Ningyun business, the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2014 and investor exchange in Nanjing held in the headquarters of Suning, held in 2013. More than 200 investment institutions and individuals to participate in the general assembly. Around the transformation and development of Suning Internet retail strategy, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong told investors: Frank and full of fighting spirit of the keynote speech. In his speech he threw the mentality of zero, put an end to the ostrich mentality and other words, the transition process will be likened to a building from the construction of the whole process of renovation.

talked about the positioning of this year’s strategic implementation, Zhang Jindong said that since the beginning of 09 years of marketing reform, Suning has gone through a strategic exploration, strategic layout and strategic implementation of the three stages. Suning’s strategic layout phase is similar to the headquarters of Suning is the two phase of the new building, from the ground up, everyone can see clearly. And into the implementation phase of the strategy, just like the tall building, the process of internal decoration, although the outside can not see, but once the decoration is good, it will bring a pleasant experience.

he did not avoid the challenges facing the transition, but cited the words of Buffett replied: focus on the field to win the game, the winner will not be those who are glued to the scoreboard". Suning transformation of Internet retailing is a new area of China and even the world’s traditional retail industry into the Internet environment, there is no mature experience can refer to and learn. This is not only a transformation of the business model, but also a kind of transformation of management ability, which not only brings great opportunities for development, but also brings great challenges.

problems in the transformation, Zhang Jindong is not afraid to say to the mentality of zero, and must not have ostrich mentality". Through the strategic management department set up this year in the president’s office, he personally participated in the implementation and management of major projects, focusing on the implementation of the supply chain, logistics and user experience to optimize the upgrade.

Zhang Jindong proposed to deepen the transformation of the supply chain cooperation model, change the mode of negotiation game led to the transformation of user demand for the transformation of the commodity cooperation model. Focusing on the self category category, based on the consolidation of large household appliances, highlighting 3C, nurturing mother and baby. At the same time, through the open platform, by the potential of the world cup to further expand sports outdoor and other categories, accelerate the realization of the social value of Suning resources sharing.

talked about logistics improvement, Zhang Jindong made it clear that the user experience is the first principle, and through the establishment of an independent company quickly. From the beginning of the Spring Festival, two months, Suning logistics in April in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen 12 first-tier cities tuotou rate reached 98.6%.

in his speech, Zhang Jindong honest user experience deficiencies and welcome Tucao, said the user is willing to love you Tucao users, to promote an important driving force as Tucao Su Ning efficient execution, specifically to the user experience. "

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