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Half a watermelon can also send U dispensers to do fresh electricity supplier supermarket

supermarket, people’s daily life scene. It is always expected that the supermarket will be able to meet all the needs of a one-time purchase.


was founded in August 2015 U treasurer, "global positioning delicacy fresh supermarket", App about two scenes were "1 hours to send" and "manned mission to fight". Previous reports have mentioned, a U through the "pre treasurer positions + total warehouse" solid supply chain system implementation in Shanghai area 1 hours delivery; on the other hand, through a similar spell good fight mode, low cost acquisition front-end flow.

U treasurer completed B round of financing of $about 30000000 in March 2016, U completed a technical team treasurer upgrade and category extension of five months, "supermarket" is also more clear.

early U treasurer is cut from a wide audience, was off relatively easy fruit, but the fruit is short board the price is relatively low. In five months, U dispensers made full extension in the category. At present, there are nine levels on the platform category (including fruits, vegetables, ingredients, grains, eggs, etc.), as well as 400 to 500 commodities.

U the shopkeeper found after the expansion category, re purchase rate has been further improved, the consumer scene from the earliest urban white-collar office instant consumption "to extend the weekend family scene. According to the data provided by the U manager, the old customer’s monthly re purchase rate of nearly 85%, the new customer re purchase rate of nearly 60%, an average customer orders 4 times a month. U co-founder and treasurer CEO Zhu Pengcheng told the 36 krypton, currently on the platform of basic commodities can do the daily needs of a family of three meals a day, but the ideal distance is about 20%-30% state.

We know there are

online supermarket shop No. 1, Jingdong, Tmall supermarket and so on, compared to the number of tens of thousands of these SKU supermarket, U shopkeeper think its difference lies "featured".

such as the customer want to buy a large supermarket in search of barley, barley, there may be dozens of choices. U dispensers help customers select the high quality one, eliminating selected links." Zhu Pengcheng said that the mobile Internet era has changed the consumer scene, more use of fragmented time for the purchase of U, the shopkeeper wanted to make the customer to complete the purchase in the shortest period of time, will shorten the time of purchase from the usual more than and 20 to five minutes.


In the selection of

, U and other electricity providers such as the shopkeeper also fresh, fresh fruit orchard every day to do some distinctions. For example, in the middle of summer, the realization of "half a watermelon and laodingfeng ice cream one hour delivery. In the category of the update, according to the seasons of spring and autumn and winter and the commodity rate of re purchase, once per month at the bottom of the replacement.

Another difference between

U and other fresh dispensers is "pre warehouse + total warehouse".

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