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Understand the electricity supplier and rural logistics this piece of blue ocean is to sell rather t

integrated electricity supplier from various types of vertical electricity supplier, basically every electricity supplier in the field of intense competition. Recently, the rural electricity supplier market has been widely concerned, and the country in 12th Five-Year which is also planning for the development of rural electricity supplier made a preliminary plan. Rural electricity supplier market has become a new blue ocean electricity supplier, but broadband, logistics, human resources and other issues plagued the development of rural electricity supplier. In fact, these are not the most important issue, the most important thing is to recognize the rural electricity supplier market is the seller market, rather than the buyer market.

B2B2C of the wholesale and retail of agricultural business line double sword Qi

ignore those who developed the demonstration of the countryside, only talk about the type of ordinary rural valley. We believe that basically the annual per capita income of rural ordinary ravine and per capita consumption have some understanding, not ordinary rural purchasing power, and now most of the farmers on the Internet is not very familiar with, so that ordinary farmers to participate in online shopping is a very difficult thing, some 80, 90 after the new a generation of farmers to accept new things relatively strong, or when migrant workers come into contact with the network, more can adapt to online shopping, but most farmers still believe the crunching of transactions, they feel in the hand is the most secure. To make the rural electricity supplier to the consumer market is still a long way to go, recognize the rural electricity supplier market is to help them sell, rather than let them buy now.

Almost everyone has a

of rural land, farmers every year is facing the Loess back up and work hard every year by selling some sown crops earn some living expenses, wholesalers at low prices in their hands the receipt, and then to sell to the city, now people are farmers and agricultural products industry chain lamb. Electricity supplier is the price killer, how to use electricity supplier for farmers to get rich, for the public to save money is the need to seriously consider the agricultural electricity supplier.


like Wang Xiaobang’s famous rural network of rural people, which has several rural people understand the use of the network to sell agricultural products, Wang Xiaobang also in the early days of very hard, his family had opposed him to do business, think that it is not reliable. This part of the rural people do not understand this thing, so the network said, let them learn to sell things online also need guidance. The farmer thought is very simple, can help them make money, they think it is good, can help them make money, they think it is not reliable. In rural areas, the electricity supplier is still in a blank, and this is also a market opportunity for agricultural electricity supplier.

agricultural electricity providers need to go the B2B2C route, B2B refers to the need to have a platform that can help them sell their agricultural products, farmers will not sell agricultural products online, can have a go B2B route wholesale distribution of agricultural business platform, this platform can purchase of agricultural products sold in the form of unified organization, to go do the bulk of agricultural and sideline products trading. B2C refers to the agricultural business platform can be for the sale of ordinary consumers around the native products, native products of the premium increases slightly, so.

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