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Early bird sales in the sun the United States and the United States 11 pairs of well done

November 4th news, the United States online said that from the beginning of the 11 double opening in October 28th to the United States, the United States online sales growth of four days, 350%.


among them, the core category of home appliance sales rose 376%. 3C digital goods 4 times last year’s sales, total sales of mobile phones has exceeded 10000 units.

according to the state power, the United States online goal is to borrow 11 double win business platform of the third position. One of the main strategies is to start the big promotion activities in advance, the use of time difference between the closure of double 11.

Gome online 11 poster

each year to 11 pairs of businesses during the competition will become more intense, Ali played a trademark ban this year, the United States online to create a "two" 11". Jingdong launched advertising "is the same price, buy a real", the United States online shouted "the same is true, to see who is lower" slogan.

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