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Personalized domain name came to literacy

1, what is the personalized domain name


so-called personalized domain name, that is, you can use your imagination to do the word suffix, which includes 15 languages, including Chinese, that is, you can use the ".Love" suffix, you can also use". Love "suffix, can also use the".Amour "(French for" love ") suffix, to register". Tang Bohu Chou "such a domain name has become possible.

2, as long as the money, I want to register what suffix can be?

release restrictions on domain name registration, does not mean that people can arbitrarily create domain names. In the 4 case, they may be rejected:

, a new domain name violated the trademark rights of enterprises, such as "apple" because it has belonged to the United States Apple Com puter Inc, it can no longer be used;

two, the new domain name and the existence of some of the domain name is too similar, such as "Kom" or "comm" and so on because of the commonly used "com" similar, it is likely to be banned from registration;

three, the new domain name and some well-known organizations and groups of the same name;

four, the new domain name on the public order and social morality adversely affected.

at the same time, the suffix will have a lot of reserved words can not be registered, this situation is the same as the prefix.Com management.

3, registered a personalized suffix also spend a lot of money to resolve and manage it?

no, personalized domain name, the domain name management level two and.Com technology actually is the same, a personalized suffix you to register registration department to register a top-level domain name, management department is responsible for doing extensive analysis, other personalized domain name prefix, it is one of the two level domain name you the domain name only, each of the two level domain name registrar can help you do analysis.

if the registrar is afraid of wasting resources, you can now manage the domain name.Com and so on, limit the number of domain analysis, if more than this limit, it is necessary to pay an additional fee. From this point of view, the personalized domain name for the Registrar and domain name service provider provides new business opportunities.

of course, if you are ready to use personalized domain name for a large number of users to provide services, it must spend a lot of money to resolve and manage.

4, personalized domain name and.Com domain names are different?

personalized domain name and the existing domain name suffix is very different, you register a.Com, just have a domain name, and the registration of personalized domain name, is a domain name.

5, personalized domain name is to make the suffix becomes infinite, we need so many domain name suffix


if only to do a corporate website, of course not, but if you want to provide more Internet services, personalized domain name

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