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Talking about personal summary of the practice of enterprise network marketing

talk about personal business network marketing on all aspects of practice summary


no matter how to write how to do, I believe that the courage to try to practice is the best way to progress. The author is engaged in network marketing for three years, during the service of machinery industry and decoration industry now, frankly to see a lot of understanding a lot of mastering a lot, deep feeling is engaged in network marketing work, because all the skills of capital and talent shortage and small and medium enterprises because of the limitation of services in enterprise network personnel must grasp the whole network marketing, such as various network marketing, whether it is WeChat, or micro-blog forum or QQ group. I believe a lot of services in the business owners who have this kind of sigh, or some webmaster SEOer are being forced to do these things. Talking about the author can not stand in the enterprise network optimization work here to thank a friend: A5 Huang Zhong, to me in the webmaster nets on enterprise network optimization provides a great help.

enterprise network marketing to bring too much exploration and the source of customers, so many industries are taking corresponding measures of network marketing to expand their business channels, has in-depth promotion and sales of their products or services, which is now the Internet industry for different industries to provide a common feast, how to eat to see you are holding the chopsticks or a knife and fork. The author is good at studying and practicing in exploring new ideas. After a friend of the author published an article in the forum of stationmaster reply "fits", frankly was distasteful to this kind of webmaster, no the same thing in the world, not only fits the person speaking white is in no way no master fixed, only practice is the test of master and ordinary standard practice, ability to determine how far you can go, if you just thought master idealism on the critic, then you can make a detour.

speaking of enterprise network marketing, the author is not in concept to us, not to rush to the Baidu Encyclopedia for the definition of marketing on the Internet, there is no significance in the author is engaged in the enterprise network marketing three years, all aspects of work should do practical and personal summary or deep or shallow, following the author of each simple talk face summary individual practice, to belong to the corporate owners or working like a friend to play

theme: enterprise network marketing work in all aspects of practice and experience summary

– Enterprise Station Network Optimization Part1

enterprise web site optimization can be said to be engaged in the basis of network marketing work, to a large extent, the enterprise stand for the role of the external window. Speaking of the enterprise network optimization of the author in a year ago is a rookie rookie, from the previous use of Dede to build the mechanical station group to the present decorative design site, the author is to use external forces to achieve their needs. I know the importance of site code and structural optimization, so in an effort to modify the external force

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