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How to do a bit of traffic flow site

more and more people want to build their own web site, online business. That’s a good idea. Many people know that the better the flow. This is also very practical. But you think about how to build a flow site?

          below we will analyze our Chinese portal, their success lies in the early. 90s is an easy time for Internet start-ups. Because at that time most people do not have the technology, do not understand the network. This provides a portal website development opportunities and opportunities. Not only do they lie early, we also have entrepreneurial success in twentieth Century, driven by the network, driven by China, the Olympic Games in China CEO, my old friend Su yang. Why did he succeed? After my analysis is a resource, resources for technical requirements are not very high site is very important. As far as I know their servers are now 1TB more than and 40 servers, you talk about his driving resources how much? More than the number of web pages on the web, the search engine to search more, to their visitors to the site is also more, according to my understanding of their site has now been IP has exceeded 300 thousand. This is a successful case. There is a technical website, 51 nets, such as the network is now a new type of WEB2.0 sites, they are technical sites. And to our creative website, 265 good 123. There was no navigation network when we browse the web to remember the site is difficult. With them we can use them to find their favorite websites.

with the analysis we have to imagine their own, you want to start a business, you want to do what kind of site? Now we will be in accordance with the number of funds are analyzed, the portal has been passed, resource type website needs funds because of the medium, you can put the first 1 servers, make money slowly increase. This is suitable for medium-sized website development. The initial stage of the hope that we use the studio to operate their own websites, and other sites can be, the time has come, we can set up wages to operate. Creative web site, the need for their own hype, the average person will not come to think of. I’m not here to tell you this. There is our WEB2.0 website business, it is difficult to claim the funds technology is very high, the advertising and the Internet to see themselves, but the IP flow is greater than the website resources and our creative.

            our theme is the construction of traffic sites, we can not mention this topic. First we look at our network, our video download, software code, music, pictures, have a lot of information website, but we are still in the same road walk, can think of other wrong door.

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