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The Japanese version of the WeChat LNE valuation of nearly halved the single season why can earn $3

Japan instant messaging application Line will be listed in Tokyo in July 15th, while in the United States on July 14th in New York. Line listed in Tokyo guidance price of 2800 yen per share, will be issued in Tokyo, up to a maximum of $112 billion 700 million in shares.

Line’s goal is to raise $1 billion to $2 billion of funds, valued at $5 billion to $6 billion. Line chose to raise half of the funds from U.S. investors, the purpose is to expand the market in Southeast Asia, the tentacles of the North American market.


Line and WhatsApp of America, Korea KakaoTalk, WeChat Chinese par, known as the Japanese version of WeChat. However, the last time the Line prepared PO valuation of $9 billion, which means that the valuation of Line over the past two years has shrunk dramatically.

compared to the current number of high-tech enterprises in China A shares overvalued, Line valuation can be described as conscience price". So, Line, what are the characteristics? Leidi network in-depth analysis of earnings data Line, and contrast to investors want to know more.

Line single quarter revenue has exceeded $300 million


Line prospectus shows that its 2015 revenue reached 120 billion 500 million yen (about $1 billion 75 million), in the first quarter of 2016 revenue reached 34 billion 100 million yen (about $303 million).

Line revenue structure is divided into communication and content, advertising two parts. The first quarter of 2016, Line from the communication and the content of income accounted for 64.5%, Line from advertising revenue reached 35.5%.

Line communication and the content of communication in income income amounted to 7 billion 686 million yen, accounting for 23%, from the content of income reached 35.5%, from other revenue of $6%; Line advertising revenue from Line advertising accounted for 27.8%, from portal advertising accounted for 7.7%.


Line from the communication and content of revenue in 2015 accounted for 70.3%, among them, the content of income accounted for 42.3%, Line accounted for 29.7% of the revenue from advertising, which, from line advertising accounted for 19.9%.

from the trend point of view, the proportion of revenue from Line communications accounted for about 23%, the biggest change is that the proportion of Line from the content of revenue continued to decline, but the proportion of revenue from Line advertising continues to increase.

The reason for this change in

is that line in December 2015 on the timeline of advertising, allowing advertisers to be in the user’s time >

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