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How to use Google Google AdWords 350 yuan free advertising fee to improve the site visits

found recently in the online Google account to do activities, send 350 yuan Google the cost of Adwords. Although 350 yuan advertising costs can not play a big role, but hold the mentality to try to open the application for the event, fill in the phone, name, mailbox and intends to promote the site. Then echo. About four days later, a Google MM call to say that the application has passed, the mailbox has also received the opening of the mail (Figure). The phone to my ear to ear to teach, to be honest Adwords user experience was not very good, is not in line with the Chinese operating habits, I tried several times to successfully set up a series of advertising, and advertising series a few did not pass the audit, suggesting the infringing content.



if you use the old Adwords to apply for this free promotion activities will be a lot of trouble, because the customer service MM to your previous account liquidation. Suggest to use a new Gmail account to apply;

advertisements do not set too exaggerated, such as the largest China micro film community Ji Wang micro Film Forum, the most funny to see the best video website Wang Ji and other adjectives. Google Adwords does not welcome this kind of flamboyant advertising language.

because of the application for a few days to pass the audit, and the money into your account, so I forgot this thing a few days later. Until one day to open the background to see, website traffic soared, just think of this thing. The results show that the mailbox account advertising costs are running out, 350 yuan advertising costs will be enough to spend two days. The original MM service to help me open, I get Adwords permissions, so she do all advertising almost set, I don’t need to worry about anything, just finished the campaign, but the effect is quite good, as shown in fig..

from the beginning of February 17th, the site visits IP reached an astonishing 570 times, almost ad before the 5 times.



keyword advertising and advertising language are provided by the customer MM to help me do it, I did not participate in anything, you get a more than 10 thousand display and click on the quality of hundreds of times. It is here, I set up the customer service MM to advertising click price is too high, each 1.5 yuan, if my own set of words, each set at most 3 hair, so to bring at least 1000 clicks.


finally want to say is that this event is the gospel of the majority of individuals, both convenient and affordable, it is recommended to try.

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