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3 hours a forum 23 days after a net profit of 20 thousand yuan

The construction of the 3 point

the afternoon of September 24th, completed 6 construction, a website which lasted 3 hours, 23 days sold 20 thousand price, almost after Baidu has included, this is the Chinese Nanny Network (, why some people are willing to pay $20 thousand for only 23 days of the


milk powder crisis induced network business opportunities

caused the milk crisis because of "Sanlu" melamine incident, "milk" that many mothers worry about their children’s health, so afraid to give their children to eat milk, have hired the nurse, the nurse demand surge, compensation objective, to stop the paid maternity leave for mothers can get benefits, but also to help others baby, a nanny market unprecedented boom, supply and demand information on the website forum nurse also increases, so the supply and demand information network platform to build a professional is a fancy business people.

profitability controversial


network was born, all comments come in a throng some think it is a good, creative, nanny market is indeed feasible, some nanny website operators is also planning a series of profitable ideas, to create a network of service nurse. But there are also people who think the wet nurse is such a web site can be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, attracting the attention of many people, but the profit model is very difficult, security of supply and demand is difficult to guarantee the nurse. Entity’s domestic intermediary companies more direct and secure than the site.

look at the "Chinese nurse net"

No matter how controversial the nurse

, is sure that some people think that this is an operational project, of course the nurse also are mentioned in this paper China nurse should be a nurse in the net net of the first one, when it was born to some wide publicity, visibility some, to some extent can overwhelm other similar sites, according to the current situation is like this, so people are willing to pay $20 thousand for it is also not surprising.

behind the winner

website does not mean to run the site, in the first time to smell the opportunity, action and pay, spend 3 hours, get a forum, 23 days 20 thousand block shot, the premise is very value, this is the first of its kind, second can sell 20 thousand dollars, this is not used say, the answer is basically negative. No matter how people are not optimistic about the energy-saving, as long as 10 people in 1 people fancy you can see is the market operators, the nurse, the site builders see is nanny market to bring the value of the site, regardless of the nurse market can do, site builder is undoubtedly behind the winner.

optimistic look at the network team

if you look at this now, do you regret that you didn’t think of it? It doesn’t matter now. It’s worth it if you learn something from it. Behind the winner is horizontal look at the network team, there are a lot of people look at the network is not good, but also

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