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Let your client 100% follow your mind

won the heart – Qianlong asked Gouhun flexion (Marketing Articles)

said yesterday that the subconscious shape can be changed; can not be met for the "fate" is under way in the subconscious and others impression, the rest of the chores? In marketing, consumers are not experts, all purchases are based on perception and cognition. Why do you choose your users in the same quality, look at the feeling you give the user, to the user’s claims are more valuable than others, whether it can make users more satisfied.

three point one closes today to illustrate how the sensation and the subconscious shape in marketing:

first, the main control

I don’t know how many people have studied the market invisible hand, said one is completely selfish! This is only a selfish human nature! In order to create a reasonable deal, anyone who are humility, selflessness, will not have the results of transactions. This is the fundamental point of the whole market!

If the

who said he is selfless, be careful not to be divulged behind have a secret, that is all the books in television, toss your morality, I have not seen the real world, not the argument.


selfishness is the essential one of the market, so in the transaction will not let consumers have any back a little gratitude; based on common cognition on the more you regress, consumers more insatiable, this is the most popular free humanity, behind who could not need things that are free of charge.

that is, in the course of the sale must always grasp the main control, any initiative and passive negotiations are unconscious, but the initiative will always occupy the most favorable situation, such as:


sell, sale or customer requirements, such as gifts, you have to promise, have been virtually tends to be passive, to the end of your price and gift does not have any value, the user will feel as it should be, is a bargain to result when the user simply promised it will feel you earn too much, they suffer; but if the clinch a deal has been based on give users a surprise gift, people will think you are good, to the satisfaction of their own expectations.

asked when the price is either caused by greed, or habit, or he is not understand the product value so expensive, it will need is to create a sense of value rather than compromise.

this trick is also very easy to use in negotiations and peace talks.

"not bad men, women do not love is how come?" and the words "under normal circumstances, people to you not remember who is not good for you to remember, this is why? So you must follow the others to come, others will feel as it should be, behoove. Unexpected or unconventional can play a role in order to be impressed! Always do "I want, not what you want" in order to play a favorable position in the game. Why is the fire of apple? Why is the marketing of hunger?

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