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Content planning of website planning

content is the decisive factor in the site visitor residence time, empty the contents of the site, visitors will quickly go; only the content rich website, in order to attract visitors to read carefully, in-depth understanding of business products and services, and have the intention to cooperate.


however, "rational" is not boring, to convince customers, use the following method, can come to the client better "".

too exaggerated product advantages of some "Wangpo saying" the suspect, the case is far more credible. Details of the company’s key cases, the site will greatly enhance the trust index.

move move, namely customer favorite language and content to impress customers, so that customers stay.
when users are reading web content, giving users full tips and help, such as help documentation, operation steps of product description, questions and so on, let the customer feel like an enthusiastic sales staff in the provision of services for the. Feel warm.

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