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Share four lazy network promotion way

I ask you, ‘are you lazy?’. You say ‘don’t be lazy’. I asked you if not lazy, just look at the article, don’t try to write articles. You say ‘don’t bother to write’. You see ‘lazy’.

human inertia – ‘lazy’. But there are often "lazybones" lazy Fu, today let us look at the "lazy people" how to do marketing, maybe you will really benefit.

promotion list (tiring to more tired):

1, Forum (bar) to promote

2, QQ promotion

3, blog promotion

4, SEO optimization

5, soft Wen promotion

6, video promotion

7, Wikipedia promotion

8, know to promote

for everyone summed up eight here, for a novice to use more promotion promotion may be posted and QQ, because the two threshold is relatively low, but in the first place in the tiring list, the real reason is why many novice friends did not insist, too tired.

if you pay attention to the observation will find an interesting question, the veteran do not like when the promotion of the new so busy, but the effect is not bad, in the promotion of choice on the way there.

here are you a few "lazy people", but also the difficulty coefficient is big promotion mode:

1, know, ask

know Baidu products, ask the Tencent, now I see Tencent has almost become a target for all, "Damn, Tencent" this article, shame. But as long as beneficial to our grassroots promotion, we can use the "is not a damn doesn’t matter much to us, ^_^.". When you create a know, ask the fake information (that is, question and answer, with advertising), after a few years will find it there, when you search for a related word, still can find it, and also ranked very high. Because Baidu rarely delete their own information, especially their product information, but will take care of it, so this way will be remembered, as long as there you can find the elements, so no matter when, as long as people find this problem can be found you.

2, Wikipedia

Most of my friends found

encyclopedia and library force more fierce, some encyclopedia and library ranking is quite high, especially the emergence of library, Douding network, have caused some pressure to the Baidu library, but Baidu wants to cover him is very simple, put their own library ranked better, so naturally after a lot of SEOER and promotion friends to do the library, encyclopedia is more terrible, the Baidu encyclopedia is a scarce resource, if you can edit the 100 Baidu encyclopedia, and put on your website link below, once approved, the effect can be imagined.

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