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The similarities and differences between the WeChat public platform, WeChat mall and Tencent chimes

in some people have been through WeChat dug another pot of gold of life time, there are a lot of people are still on the WeChat marketing is absolutely ignorant of even a smattering of state. This is not a very good signal, which means that behind the signal, and in this era of fierce competition, behind it means that you will be beyond others, and even beat. Therefore, the construction site in Guangzhou billion odd network specifically wrote this article, hope that through the use of simple introduction, let everyone understand the three sections: WeChat public accounts, WeChat mall and Tencent campanula.

WeChat public platform

is known to all, WeChat is based on the mobile Internet, a social tool, in simple terms, is a communication between people for mobile phone APP software. The WeChat public platform is based on a platform derived from WeChat’s social features, individuals or businesses can register their public accounts, and then push the message through a multi way. WeChat public platform is currently divided into two types, one is the subscription number, subscription number is characteristic, after users subscribe to the public account, the account can be a day to send subscription users a message, send information will appear in the user’s subscription service interface, push mode is limited to a only a month to push subscribers a piece of information, but the information will appear in the user’s chat list.

The type of information

WeChat can push the public account including text, pictures, voice, video, text types, in addition to push information public platform also has a very important function, that is as WeChat and other platforms section information docking, such as WeChat produced by WeChat is based on WeChat mall public information platform with WeChat docking generated. We will mention the following.

WeChat mall

remember when WeChat mall has just launched, many website construction company launched the first WeChat mall construction, Xiaobian try to understand it, found that the company launched WeChat mall not only offer high, without any information or details, all the information is the website construction company clerk oral a simple introduction, once asked for more, requires attention WeChat public account each other’s attention, but then in addition to a large number of marketing information push, there is no more explanation. In an ordinary WeChat mall as an example, the lowest price for 3000 yuan / month permission, if you need to have the right to use the PC as long as the construction side of the site (whether the ownership of the delivery is unknown), the lowest price is 20000 yuan.

WeChat mall, WeChat refers to the public platform website based on its main features, users can browse and buy goods through the WeChat platform, communicate with the seller through WeChat mall, information collection, to share WeChat favorites and circle of friends, and can pay through WeChat to achieve a process of shopping. But in fact, WeChat mall is not officially launched by WeChat mall system, but through the phone mall website and >

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