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How to monitor and alarm the entrepreneurial companies

editor’s note: reliable and stable products behind the need to have a reliable alarm monitoring framework to do support, this article provides a framework for venture companies to build monitoring and alarm framework. This article comes from the contribution of Bigsec, Lv Mengqi, author of the research and development of bigsec framework.

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from major companies to entrepreneurial small companies, is the deepest feelings "by the extravagance frugal difficult" these five words. Before the frame system of perfect company, covering log, distributed monitoring, real-time alarm, data storage and so on, and have a mature team to operate most of the time, the user as long as the good integration of the line; the change to a small company, with our bigsec as an example, the initial technical team of only 3 people started the stage and do a poor and blank, two system products, daily business pressure is great, things can only use some rough means. The pressure of the business and the pursuit of quality is always a contradiction. However, this must not be less, so we still try to spare some time to do some necessary framework work. In our view, the monitoring and alarm framework is the highest priority:

entrepreneurial companies just come up are more rough, what can not be tested very well, the probability of a problem is relatively large, need to do a good job monitoring.

as a technology company, our technical architecture is relatively radical and complex, not so classic, and iterative. Grasp of a complex system is bound to be a large number of automated monitoring, measurement, time to know the various components of the system operating indicators. In fact, experienced engineers will understand, do a good job monitoring and operation, in terms of the difficulty and importance of writing code is much higher than you write.

people less, it is necessary to automate high. Only do a good job monitoring and automatic alarm, in order to extract more energy busy business, at night to rest assured sleep.

therefore, want to make a reliable and stable products, we must first have a reliable alarm monitoring framework to do support. For startups like bigsec doing this thing, we need to care about the following:

there is no mature open source products. Large companies can take a team to concentrate on doing a thing and a small company; everyone is very precious resources, semi personal expenses are too large, it will be more leveraging open source products

pit not much. The quality and support of open source products can not be compared with commercial products, so we need to choose to live hold, pit less and stable products using

can support cross language. Bigsec’s products are basically C, Java, python, JSON hybrid products, especially the back-end is mainly composed of Java and python, you need to be able to cover at least two languages.

scalability is good enough. Our business and data are developing rapidly

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