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Excessive exaggeration! See Luo feelings marketing is to be defeated by the market

no doubt, hammer phone price 1000 yuan is a blow to its own brand. Although the official to do so, but in fact has been placed in front of them, then continue to charge fat swollen two, or a wise choice to clear inventory, smart Luo finally chose the latter, even if doing so will give yourself a resounding slap in the face.

hammer the date of birth, Luo feelings marketing has been talked about you, that personality charm and unique presentation mode indeed let the hammer earned enough attention in the initial release, plus the old mobile phone Meizu hit before, in the high-end positioning in the micro-blog that hammer, also let the hammer early it was established the darling of the market role. And that’s when Luo categorically say that, in the short term will not reduce the hammer mobile phone, because they do.

but the price is 1000 yuan, but the decline is indeed a huge signal, that is, Luo feelings marketing has been declared bankrupt, which rely on personal charm of the fans economy model is not reliable, just marketing gimmicks. In fact, the feelings of marketing is not such a step toward bankruptcy cannot withstand a single blow, the reason that is caused by many reasons, the Luo has admitted his marketing blunder on the occasion, we also have to analyze, whether lost where feelings of marketing.

feelings are not tolerant, too tough attitude.

in my opinion, the ultimate ruin feelings marketing is the fuse Luo and Wang Ziru the debate in the debate, he has shown strength after blasting the king freely, and overbearing in the whole process, let the king Nanyou defense force. This situation is clearly one-sided and did not gain more respect for people, old and tough attitude of arrogance even aroused some resentment, at least in their view, feelings should not be so, as a business leader of the company, Luo Yonghao should take a low-key and humble attitude, in fact to win the support of all too much, and the siege of the opponent, will let himself down, and feelings of two words. So let us really feel the feelings but a gimmick, Luo is not god. That feeling itself is a unique, not the same with the secular label, Luo was able to win the support of so many people, mainly because he say a lot of people’s voices for the grasp of the language, but when the weapons on a "weak", we began to think, can not accept this gap until the worship of the people turned out to be a not fair debate the people view the extreme pettiness of character, let us re-examine the support until the hammer over the table. The more look more disgusted, thus finally draw a conclusion that there is just a feeling of marketing rhetoric, no significance.

feelings marketing was misplaced.

and other mobile phone brand is not the same, the hammer mobile phone all along by all the old Luo personal charm to product packaging, that is to say the hammer has been using personal virtue to speak for the company’s products, it will inevitably make the so-called sour feelings. Just as old

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