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Wang Tong how to improve the effectiveness of hospital network marketing

a general hospital, a year at least have put millions of Baidu keyword advertising, some of the size of the investment, even more, to obtain better results but rarely, so the hospital and Baidu’s lawsuit, accusing Baidu of fraudulent clicks, Sue Baidu monopoly has been. Baidu ads for the hospital industry, like drugs, unable to stop, Baidu does not seem to leave. In fact, treat the hospital industry, carry out some strategies of network marketing and better today, Wang Tong to share with you.

a, suitable for hospital network promotion means have those?

1-1, keyword advertising:


and Google Adwords bidding, which is currently the vast majority of hospitals most commonly used means of promotion, but too tricky, no good experience and skills of the flowers, just the same as the cost is too high.

1-2, SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is a low cost, good effect means, but need to invest more time and energy. Coupled with the correct SEO strategy, in order to get better results. Because the SEO input is small, so compared to competitive advertising, is a very cost-effective means, a detailed understanding of the

1-3, database marketing

this is a very important marketing tool, but the vast majority of hospitals are not very good use, if this strategy is used, can greatly enhance the network marketing effect

1-4, word of mouth marketing

for the hospital, the most important means of promotion is word of mouth, because the reputation is good, the strength and level of the decision of the hospital. Hospital is a kind of people to help solve the pain of the body, can not be a simple commercial institutions, so the hospital to the grade, the need to work hard in this regard.

1-5, blog marketing

hospital doctors are experts, experts for consulting marketing, so marketing blog is a very good means, one can give you the popularity of health knowledge, but also can improve the visibility of experts.

1-6, other strategies

BBS promotion, link exchange, alliance advertising, etc. here is not a detailed account of the.

for network promotion means, the method is not much, but in essence, can put the most important two or three kinds of network promotion method, the effect can be very ideal. So next, Wang Tong to introduce three key and most hospitals are not by means of promotion, blog marketing combination strategy, 1 + 2 + database marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, search engine optimization marketing strategy

two, the hospital how to make good use of the Internet database marketing

2-1, collect patient database

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