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Talk about how seize the hot video to promote the event

Beijing Olympic Games has been closed for several months, during the Olympic Games, sports website traffic rising. Webmasters are really happy, but the Olympic Games to bring the surprise of the owners is short, how to develop the site after the Olympic games. This should retain the current user, which has become a problem that the owners are considering.

we must first understand the needs of the user group is, the services they need is events of words, pictures or video? I personally think that the video is the most with a view of the service content. Because the video can be more direct, vivid show the essence of the event. So after the Olympic Games, you want to accurately grasp the timely video of the event, hot video, then your site will have the initiative.

is currently one of the most watched sporting events NBA, because in the highest basketball hall there are people like Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and Yue Sun. There are Champions League, Premier League and other major leagues. Whether it’s a live event, or a delay video, or a video game. These are very important events and promotional materials. We need to go to the video sharing sites to find, and to share their own website.

we should remember the rockets and the sun have a game, Shaq to sort the Rockets does people are down. That video should give a lot of sports sites with a lot of traffic. At that time I was watching the live, saw the lens, I immediately realized that this video is a good promotional material. I also know that the video sharing site to wait for a moment to come out, because the video clips, upload, review, which is to take a certain amount of time. I can’t wait for this video to delay. Go to some of the need to promote the site to sort out. And then according to their own video content to write a description of the video. Then go to the major video sharing sites to search for. Sure enough, soon the video came out. Reference to our website. And then go out to promote. I don’t say much about the methods and results.

sometimes we do not have to wait for someone else to send the video up, they just want to share. Most of the time still have to do these things for themselves, not saying "do it yourself, have ample food and clothing".

I often go to a number of portals, looking for some video sharing sites do not have the essence of the game video and some classic video review. Of course, this is not a direct reference to the video, only through the download, and then uploaded to the video sharing site, and then go to their website. This is a bit of a hassle. But to the site can have more content to meet the needs of more users. Can have more promotional materials, can get a better flow, which can only be a little trouble.

, such as C Ronaldo after winning the Golden Globe, some of his previous events will certainly become a hot video review. I thought of this, think of it is necessary to implement the actual action above, I began to crazy to find the major information sites. It was not in vain

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