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U.S. online lending platform SoFi financing $1 billion net investment

NetEase Francisco October 1st message, according to foreign media reports, the United States online lending platform Social Finance Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "SoFi") has completed a new round of $1 billion financing, and stock market volatility showed that although the industry’s largest game player the downturn, but investors are still interested in this new type of online lending platform.

, according to a statement released Wednesday by the SoFi, this round of financing from Softbank investment led. In addition, the United States well-known investor Daniel · (Dan Loeb); Loeb’s hedge fund Third Point mutual fund, Wellington management company (Wellington Management Co.),, and venture capital institutions Institutional (IVP) Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures and DCM Ventures participated in this round of financing. In August this year, before the global stock market crash, SoFi set the goal of raising $800 million through the current round of financing, and ultimately raise the amount of money exceeded this goal.

uses raised funds, SoFi CEO Mike · (Mike Cagney) plans to build SoFi for high achievement professionals Financial Services Company. The startup, which began four years ago, began to help top college graduates get loans at lower interest rates to repay their student loans. Later, the company expanded its business to personal loans and mortgages, while Cagney also expressed interest in providing wealth management services.

, the emergence of a large number of online lending startups have posed a threat to traditional financial services, and the San Francisco based SoFi to become one of the best. According to SoFi statement, since 2011, the company has $4 billion in loans to provide refinancing services, by the end of this year the scale will be more than $6 billion.

market oscillation

online lending platform for rapid growth, has aroused the vigilance of the banking sector. In order to protect profits, global financial institutions need to decide whether or not they will compete with those of the latter or join them, the McKinsey report said on Wednesday.

, however, have passion for this type of borrower’s stock market cooling. In December last year, the world’s largest online lending platform LendingClub raised $1 billion through initial public offerings (IPO), then the share price rose once the company’s market capitalization of more than $10 billion. But in the face of competition and other lenders worried that regulators will strengthen the company’s stock price, compared with the highest point has fallen by more than half. In addition, for small businesses online lending platform OnDeck Capital, its current share price is less than half of the issue price.

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