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Video marketing to make the target user active search simple video

have you ever thought about if your target users to actively search for the video of the category of products you run, and your product video just by their search, then these products sales will be how?

Many of my friends think of

, video production is a very complex thing, not only requires a lot of manpower and material resources, but also exquisite production, in order to attract users to watch, but when the author analyzes the video website data themselves, but found himself making the video on demand the highest rate, but some they have a very plain video, video sharing is to browse the crowd the common feature of substantial help.

first, the advantages of video promotion

What is the advantage of

video advertising? It has audio-visual factors of sound and picture, the most important is the human brain and memory were closely related, I believe we all know, the efficiency of picture memory will be much better than pure verbal memory, if it can be combined with pictures, sound and memory, then the effect is better.

certainty of things, the video is far more accurate than other media. For example, one mouse products, if you simply use the words to describe, even with very beautiful style to describe the products, as well as a delicate picture more attractive. Also, even if the mouse advertising picture design more attractive, but more consumers often need to understand the full range of features of the mouse products where a combination of visual features of video network, not only can through a variety of ways to show the mouse, but also can make the sales staff for the actual operation in the video, it can the message is far more abundant information.

therefore, when we every day in the limited time, the better the way video memory effect products, often because of its rich features, so that the audience can understand the specific circumstances of the products in a short period of time, thus becoming more and more popular.

two, so that the target user is willing to accept video guide

network video development has been nearly ten years, from the early PC to the current end of the phone, from standard video to Ultra HD video, so many people have the habit of watching video online. At the same time as the intelligent mobile phone is increasingly popular, so that everyone can become a mobile phone video producers, so in this environment, the promotion of the use of video is ready.

a lot of digital products enthusiasts are aware of the use of video sites to understand the latest digital product features, but know how to use video to introduce the product is still not much business. For example, the number of years ago as a tablet computer forum moderator, it has passed the test of DV video recording of the tablet computer and on Youku, let other friends on the forum for product understanding, by watching the video and let them know where the tablet and other tablet market advantages and disadvantages, and then to consider whether to buy. Contrary to what I expected, because the video can make friends on the forum has a more

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