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Adsense marketing success or failure analysis how to promote the ultimate website

How to promote the

website, as a webmaster, this is a question of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. As for the site promotion strategy, the conventional way of promotion, we will have a set of fixed and conventional thinking. For example, the use of the BBS or forum to post propaganda website, use Baidu space, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know the three Baidu brand to do marketing promotion, through event marketing, website promotion with celebrity or eye effect. Or by instant tools, using mass groups such as publicity website etc. This is not the only one.

most of this set of techniques by heart, and personally practice. Such a promotion is desirable, but everyone is doing this, it should be considered, whether it should be in the way of thinking, promotion means to make some breakthroughs?

webmaster perhaps a obsessive-compulsive disorder, total love occasionally open the statistical tools (51la, CNZZ, Google, Analytics etc.), concern about the rise and fall of IP / day, how much is the PV, and the flow rate of the antecedents, keywords etc.. But the webmaster may sometimes be ignored, through their own website data analysis, targeted to adjust the promotion program, is one of the breakthrough.

data analysis can be carried out on the site to promote precision. There is a visitor information statistical tools below, like browsing depth, operating system, browser, what with the screen visitors is much, these owners do not get to the bottom, such as webmaster statistics, his station visitors and 70% for the IE kernel, IE6 users still occupy 41% of the proportion, so, in the web design. It was made in the environment of IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox as the test environment, through the analysis of the data, he knows how to design web pages to cater to the audience habits. Can also flow, origin analysis, mainly to adjust the promotion platform; analysis and keywords of traffic statistics in search, user experience and promotion will be more accurate.

breakthrough two is the blog promotion. As the name suggests, the blog is to promote the website keyword or product name as the name of the blog, and in the blog company website information, improve the exposure rate. Many webmasters are doing, but it is far from the extreme. In the industry, inside the circle of webmaster, celebrity Lu Songsong blog comments and views amazing. The reason may not be known to most people. According to some research, in the first half of the time, Lu Songsong left in 15000 independent blog comments, every day will return 50 comments, and then go to the 10 independent blog not to comment, comments concise and to the point.

According to statistics, 15000 independent blog, there are at least 1500 blogs, accustomed to Lu Songsong and exchange visits, visits, will be used to comment on each other. And its influence and contacts in the circle through the blog to build up and further deepen. Therefore, after the return of the pay, the ultimate promotion wonderful, Lu Songsong, is undoubtedly a model.

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