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The event marketing of wood wood push website

I have several years of company management, in recent years in the staff will soon hundreds, the strange thing is that I called for those dedicated very dedicated with our words usually not something people no impression what impressed me most is that the whole work instead of jumping up and down several colleagues.

What is the reason for

, which is related to our topic today".

life there are a lot of "event marketing" example, the simplest one thing if Laden does not create 911 events estimated that no one can remember him.

if the former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi did not go to worship ghosts I think we Chinese people will not be impressed by the.

look at the expansion of the U.S. presidential election candidates are more interested in creating the event attracted attention.

07 wood wood around Shenzhen fair those information vendors is to take the dance beautiful campaign.

In fact, it is the same

website also need to carry out the "event marketing" campaign to play. Proper site too much, sometimes naughty under the website also needs beyond all expectations. Under the premise of not damaging the image of the site. To create a number of events or use some of the existing events, to attract attention, so that you know the existence of your site. How to create events and use existing events. Wood will answer for you one by one..

The main meaning of

event marketing is to create or use a public topic for Internet users to use QQ, forum, post bar and other interactive products for the media coverage. So as to achieve the effect of propaganda..


users and the media to report the situation to? The primary reason is the "rejection events". The performance is to match the current situation, it is to be out of the ordinary attention rejection.

event marketing can be divided into the following two types:

a, the use of existing events, to achieve the purpose of publicity website.

there is a new news every day, whether it’s politics or entertainment, as long as you have a good chance. The event site with Strike while the iron is hot. some activities that do not want users to remember our website.

, for example, recently created a comprehensive boiling "pornographic", many small and medium-sized website comprehensive portal website and provide such reports and news. And the allotment of a large number of pictures. And allow users to comment. Took the opportunity to start the site visibility. More friends behind the registration of pornographic door related domain names, the use of GGAD earned a pen.

also has the majority of sites like to use the festival celebrations, the use of the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other holiday sites for event marketing site is not a minority. This year GG is even more outrageous during the Spring Festival is free to send blessings

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