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Easy access to 100 thousand P using automatic traffic

want to rely on search engines to bring a huge flow of methods we can think of is to optimize the popular keyword, but the competition is too fierce, many people are staring at the Baidu Search Ranking watch. Here I introduce to you is a way to create key words. In fact, this is not my first and invention, because this method has been used for a long time, you do not look at the letter for a period of time before the "Hainan Normal University girl photographed" event, "Hainan Normal University" instantly became a popular keyword. And now is also popular in the Guangdong Kaiping girls were playing event, Guangdong Kaiping has become a popular keywords, and these keywords are created by the people. So how do we get inspiration from this event?

I’m here to introduce an automatic flow method, which is the use of search engines + Internet users to form an automatic flow.

I use the virus name for a simple example, I hope you can be free to play, by analogy, the following detailed steps I said.

1 casually from the name of a virus, such as the chuangxiang.wutuobang.scr virus, we must pay attention to, is to ensure that the name is unique, that is not mentioned on the network. Then when you stand on an article, such as "chuangxiang.wutuobang.scr eradication method" and "three simple steps to eliminate the chuangxiang.wutuobang.scr virus or chuangxiang.wutuobang.scr virus Zhuanshagongju download", because this is absolutely original and original article, if your station is search engine update every day, this article soon will be included in the search engine.

2 to write a soft advertising, such as:

" recently, a product called chuangxiang.wutuobang.scr Trojan rampant, the Trojan can steal the user’s QQ and change the user password protected data, so please pay close attention to blackmail and impose exactions on, QQ’s official website to download the virus killing software, such as the emergency information to the 10 bit QQ your friends. Tencent will reward you a permanent member, I have reproduced, is now a member of. "

you want to think of this paragraph, write out your own believe that it can be, if you write too fake, even if they do not believe that others will not believe it.

QQ 3 by using the soft advertising out, here you can use mass software QQ envelope can also own several groups, in the flow up on it, then they do not control, a lot of friends will help you spread it, so you will not be soft advertising communication stop, when they received the news, the name of a lot of people will go to search for the virus, and then by the search engine.

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